primary clocks david weatherhead goodd

Primary clock GOODD A Product of Geometry, 4 August - 1 September, Trongate 103 Glasgow.

product geomtry david weatherhead
trongate 103 goodd david weatherhead

A Product of Geometry GOODD & David Weatherhead, 4 August - 1 September, Trongate 103 Glasgow.


ground floor arrangement band david weatherhead

The Ground Floor Arrangement Band / David Weatherhead & Henny van Nistelrooy will present new works at LDF 2011.

ring shower timer

Ring shower timer previews at Political Objects, Clerkenwell Design Week 2011.

standard stationery good david weatherhead FT how to spend it

Standard Stationery for GOODD features in the FT's How To Spend It by Jenny Dalton May 15, 2011.

totem candlestick goodd


Totem candlestick for GOODD previews at Somerset House, Super Christmas Market 2010. Illustration: GOODD.

round calendar david weatherhead seletti

Round & Round calendar is launched by Seletti September 2010.


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